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Workers’ Compensation: What Is It And Are Employers Required To Have It?

Workers are an integral part of business operations. It is why their safety is the utmost priority for many employers. Workers’ compensation is insurance coverage that enables employees who sustain workplace injuries to get compensation for their sufferings.

It gives them relaxation and peace of mind to focus on healing from their injuries. But the process of filing a workers’ compensation claim can be complicated. It is imperative to discuss with a Los Angeles, CA work injury lawyer. They will help you handle the technicalities involved in workers’ compensation.

But to give you a brief overview, we will help you get a better understanding of the workers’ compensation in California. Let’s start by getting a basic idea of what workers’ comp is.

Workers’ Compensation: What Is It?

Workers’ compensation coverage is also known as workers’ comp. It is an insurance that many states make mandatory for a business to have after they hire their first employee. However, states like Alabama do not make it necessary for businesses to have workers’ compensation coverage.

Employees will get payments and receive coverage if they sustain injuries or disability during their job. The state government offers the workers’ compensation insurance program for employees working in that particular state.

Also, there is a program that the federal government offers, but it is only available for federal employees. Many businesses tend to mistake that workers’ compensation is only for businesses that require hard labor.

That is not the case since employees in every type of sector can get a work-related injury or illness. Therefore, getting workers’ compensation is vital, since it gives employees:

  • Vocational rehabilitation if an employee requires additional care for them to be fit to get back to work
  • In case an employee dies, it will provide certain death benefits, such as funeral expenditures
  • The employee will get regular payments to cover the salaries that the employees miss due to injury or for their time off due to their recovery from injuries
  • Covers the medical expenditures incurred for the treatment of the injured worker

State Laws for the Workers’ Compensation Coverage:

The states have their own rules and regulations for the workers’ compensation program. Therefore, the state laws regarding workers’ compensation will vary from state, and it will depend on where a business is operating.

The states will evaluate their economic conditions and the risks that many businesses potentially face setting the premium and the benefits. For instance, since lumberjacking is a dangerous occupation, the premiums in the state of Alaska are the highest due to the high number of lumberjacking businesses.

In addition, the states also keep a provision for secondary injury funds. It provides coverage to disabled workers in case they sustain injuries at work. It helps the employers to re-employ those employees after they recover.

A great example of this can be a nurse who returns to work after getting injured at their job at the shipping yard. Their previous injury makes them more vulnerable to the possibility of getting injured again.

Therefore, secondary injury funds can come in handy for a business. It might have been difficult for a business to hire a worker again without the injury fund.

Workers' compensation in Los Angeles

Workers’ Compensation Insurance Laws in California:

As mentioned earlier, each state has its own rule and regulation for workers’ compensation coverage. Though you can find some parts of the laws to be the same, it will be better to contact a Los Angeles, CA work injury lawyer to understand them in a better manner.

Under California law, all businesses are required to have workers’ compensation insurance even if they only have one employee. This includes trainees. It will include workers that are hired with a written or a verbal agreement and the workers that the business hires lawfully and unlawfully.

California laws do not require workers’ comp coverage for:

  • Deputy sheriffs
  • Individuals employed in exchange for food or aid
  • People working as an official in the amateur sports
  • People working voluntarily
  • Spouses or children

Different Kinds of Injuries That Workers’ Compensation Covers:

Another vital thing to consider is that workers’ compensation provides coverage for different types of injuries. In case the employee sustains injuries at the job, the workers’ compensation will come into play.

It will provide coverage for medical expenditures. Besides workplace accidents and occupational illness, workers’ compensation will also provide coverage for:

  • Incidents relating to Terrorism
  • Any event of violence
  • Natural disasters

As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 30% of the cases for workers’ compensations are related to sprains or strains. It is usually due to moving or carrying heavy items.

The employees will need to rest for 10 to 12 days before coming back to work. Various jobs can lead to a strain or sprain, including:

  • Cargo and shipment
  • Inventory movement
  • Labor-intensive tasks
  • Moving different material
  • Nursing associates

Apart from strain and sprain, the second biggest claims that come up for workers’ compensation are the falls and trips.

Also, the workers’ compensation does not only provide for injuries, but it also gives coverage for any illnesses, such as any sicknesses, due to the usage of different chemicals at the workplace.

Workers’ Compensation Coverage Limitations:

Though workers’ compensation does cover workplace injuries, it does not cover some of the injuries or any sickness that are due to:

  • An employee who was operating under the influence
  • Fights that the employees were responsible for
  • Occurs when the employee was commuting from or to the workplace
  • Results from emotional stress not relating to work
  • The employee intentionally sustains those injuries

Hire a Reputable Los Angeles, CA Work Injury Lawyer for Your Workers’ Compensation:

Having the best Los Angeles, CA personal injury lawyer by your side can open up you to many benefits. With their sheer guidance, you can ensure you get the compensation you deserve for your workers’ comp claim.

Benefit from the services of Los Angeles injury lawyers, who can help you with your case in no time. Give us a call to get a free consultation for your case.

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