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We always treat your case as though it is the most important in the world, because, to you, it is! We treat you like a person, not a number, and we are committed to getting the best results for you and your family. Reach us 24/7 by calling our toll-free number and speaking to a live person.

We help people who have been injured in auto accidents, personal injury, workers’ injuries.

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Auto Accidents

If there is one image that most people from outside of Los Angeles have about the City of Angels, is the massive freeway packed bumper to bumper with traffic. Indeed, some of the country’s largest freeway systems run through Los Angeles and out to other parts of the country. All these roads packed with motor vehicles, commercial trucks, bikes and motorcycles make Los Angeles a breeding ground for motor vehicle crashes.

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Personal Injury

A personal injury accident can occur at any time and without any warning: one moment you may be walking along the sidewalk or down a flight of stairs at the store and suddenly slip on a foreign substance on the ground, causing you to sustain serious injuries. Or you may attempt to open up a jar of olives or other food and suddenly the glass jar explodes in your hands, causing you to sustain deep, painful cuts. In each case, the surprise and anger are only the beginning: treatment at a hospital and time missed from work is almost certainly required, causing the injured individual (the “plaintiff” if he or she files a lawsuit) to ensure the physical, mental, and emotional pain alone. Contact a trustworthy personal injury attorney in Los Angeles today!

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Workers' Compensation

Workplace injuries happen on a daily basis, and (unfortunately) in California there are many high-risk professions. Roofers, fishermen, and pilots are just a few of the career fields most likely to experience a workplace injury or death, but the truth is a workplace injury can happen anywhere in any industry:

  • A high-rise construction worker can slip and fall, seriously injuring his or her back or potentially even dying;
  • A worker at a chemical plant can be exposed to toxic fumes and become violently ill, requiring hospitalization; and
  • A secretary or administrative worker can develop carpal tunnel syndrome after typing years, causing her significant pain and requiring surgical intervention to correct.
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