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Workers Compensation: The Most Common Reasons You Might Need It

Workers compensation can be crucial in the event of an injury. People get hurt on the job every day in Los Angeles. Many of these people work physical jobs. Laborers are more likely to suffer physical injuries compared to other professions. For example, a construction worker is at a much greater risk of injury than an accountant. However, that doesn’t mean that office workers don’t suffer workplace injuries. Los Angeles workers compensation attorneys represent clients from all walks of life.

One thing our attorneys have learned over the years is that some workplace injuries are a lot more common than others. We see carpal tunnel victims a lot more than we see people with burn injuries. It’s just the nature of workers comp. Here, we’re going to discuss some or the more common reasons why people need workers compensation. We’ll also explain what some of the major causes are for workplace injuries.

If you’ve been injured at work and are having trouble with your claim, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Anybody Who Gets Injured at Work Has the Right to File for Workers Comp

With very few exceptions, anybody who gets hurt on the job is entitled to file for workers compensation in Los Angeles. Of course, your claim must be approved before you start receiving benefits. As long as you meet the basic criteria for workers comp, your claim should be approved.

The requirements for workers comp in California are as follows:

  • Your injury took place at work (or during the scope of your employment)
  • You were not under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of your accident
  • You reported the accident immediately to Human Resources or your direct supervisor
  • You were treated by a company-approved doctor
  • You comply with your treatment plan
  • You don’t have a history of filing workers comp claims
  • You don’t have a pre-existing condition

If you meet these requirements, there’s a good chance your Los Angeles personal injury attorney will be able to get your claim paid. If not, you always have the option of filing suit.

Are Certain Employees More Likely to Suffer a Workplace Accident?

While anybody could suffer a workplace injury at any time, some workers are more at risk than others. Some of the industries that are more dangerous include:

  • Oil and gas industry
  • Truck drivers
  • Warehouse workers
  • Loggers
  • Fisherman
  • Construction workers

Obviously, people who work in these industries are put at risk every day on the job. Most of us are not. For example, if you’re a teacher, the odds of you getting hurt at work are low. The same is true for people who work in an office. Attorneys and accountants are at a much lower risk than construction workers and tree cutters.

What Kind of Accidents are More Common in Workers Compensation?

Just because you work in a dangerous profession doesn’t mean you’re going to get hurt at work. If you’re careful and follow your company’s safety guidelines, you should be okay. However, accidents happen. You could be working in the office and your chair breaks. You could end on the floor with an injured back. Perhaps you’re a gym teacher and you get hurt while demonstrating a certain sport to your students. Anything can lead to a workplace injury.

Some of the more common types of accidents that require workers compensation include the following:

  • Falls
  • Getting hit in the head
  • Carrying heavy objects
  • Fires and explosions
  • Car accidents
  • Illness such as cancer or mesothelioma
  • Faulty equipment injuries

Any of these things can cause you to get hurt at work. The important thing is that you know what to do after your accident.

How Can a Los Angeles Workers Compensation Attorney Help?

There’s no rule that says you have to hire a Los Angeles workers compensation attorney. You’re allowed to handle your case on your own if you so choose. However, you could be at a serious disadvantage if you do this. The insurance company will try to take advantage of you if you’re not represented by an attorney. They may deny your claim or terminate your benefits midway through your claim. They may argue that you got hurt somewhere other than work. If it ends up being your word against your employer, you know who the insurance company is going to believe.

Your Los Angeles personal injury attorney won’t let you be taken advantage of. They’ll fight to get your claim approved. If this doesn’t work, they’ll file a lawsuit on your behalf. If your injuries truly happened at work, there’s no reason you should be left with a pile of medical bills. You should also be eligible for replacement wages while you’re out of work. If the insurance company refuses to do these things, your attorney will intervene on your behalf.

Do Los Angeles Workers Compensation Attorneys Represent Remote Workers?

While most workers comp claims are filed on behalf of people who do physical labor, that doesn’t mean other employees don’t get hurt. If you are currently working remotely due to COVID-19, you’ll still protected by workers compensation in California. You could be working at home and develop carpal tunnel from being on the computer all day. You could be working out of your home office, and you fall and trip your ankle. You could even be out on a sales call and get into a car accident. Just because you’re a remote employee, that doesn’t mean you aren’t eligible for workers compensation.

Contact a Seasoned Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney Right Away

Regardless of what kind of workplace injury you suffered, it’s a good idea to call a seasoned Los Angeles personal injury attorney. Your lawyer will listen to your story and see if you took the necessary steps to qualify for workers comp. They can even reach out to the insurance company and find out why your claim wasn’t approved. If they can resolve the matter by appealing the decision, great. If not, they’ll have no problem filing suit on your behalf.

Call our office today and schedule your free, initial consultation. There’s no reason for you to worry about medical bills related to your workplace injury. Your employer should be taking care of that for you. They should also be paying your replacement wages. If this isn’t happening, then you definitely need one of our Los Angeles workers compensation attorneys. You don’t pay anything upfront, and you’ll get to enjoy the protection of skilled workers comp lawyer.

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