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Worker’s Comp Lawyer: Are They Beneficial To Your Claim?

Getting injured on the job brings about a mess no one wants to deal with. Not only are you dealing with your injury, but you are also having to deal with waiting for the approval of a worker’s comp injury claim.

Knowing when and why hiring a lawyer can be good for your claim is crucial to seek appropriate justice when you need it the most. Since no one has to regularly deal with claims, here’s what you should know when and why to hire a worker’s comp lawyer.

How To Know When You Need A Worker’s Comp Attorney

When you file a worker’s comp claim through your employer’s HR rep, you will likely hear how the process can be solved. You will be given paperwork to fill out, possibly see a physician chosen by your employer’s insurance agency, and wait for your settlement to come in.

While most cases can be handled without the help of a legal professional, situations may occur where one is needed.

It may seem like insurance is meant to help injured employers, but there may be questions you have or uncertainty about what’s really going on. When not a lot of questions are answered, or you feel as if something is not right, it’s best to bring in a worker’s comp attorney.

Situations Where An Attorney Will Be Helpful

There is no certain situation where a worker’s comp attorney would be beneficial. There are several.

Below are some situations you may find yourself in where the help of a legal professional would be best during the fight for your assistance.

  • You have to see a company doctor you don’t trust
  • Your claim or benefits are denied or delayed
  • You’re being accused of fraud
  • Your symptoms have developed gradually (this is for internal injuries)
  • There is not a lot of clarity
  • Your employers says you’re not covered
  • Your employer offers a lump sum instead of benefits

Just like regular insurance companies, claims are out to try and find every loophole possible for giving you the assistance you deserve, or any assistance at all. Since workers need the benefits that come with worker’s comp, having someone to help you fight for those benefits is crucial.

If you are ever placed in one of these scenarios, it’s time to quickly find a worker’s comp attorney to fight for you.

What Will A Worker’s Comp Attorney Do?

When you first start working with an attorney, they will ask you a series of questions about your accident to know you’re situation better. This will help your lawyer find the right position to take and how to find sufficient evidence. If you have already filed a worker’s comp claim through your employer, they will want to know what the outcome of it was.

An attorney will also likely want to see any documents you were given for the worker’s comp claim process to know more about what your company has in place. Your attorney will be responsible for communicating on your behalf to your employer and their attorney to help settle this dispute.

A worker’s comp attorney can also give you expert legal advice on what to do next and what to accept or not accept. They will likely advise you, if you were given a lump sum, to turn it down since that typically means you will be waiving your rights to any benefits they have offered.

How To Find The Right Worker’s Comp Attorney

Since fighting a compensation battle can be detailed and strenuous, the attorney you hire should have a proven background in successfully fighting these types of claims.

Worker’s comp can be difficult since workplaces have certain procedures in place to try and protect themselves. You should research a few firms near you who specialize in handling worker’s comp cases to find the right firm that can fight for you.

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