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Temporary Workers’ Compensation Benefits For Injured Los Angeles Workers

Injured Los Angeles workers are eligible to receive various types of workers’ compensation, depending on their injuries. Whether an individual is hurt in a one-time industrial accident or through a repetitive stress injury from prolonged exposure to the rigors of work, he or she may be eligible for workers’ compensation under California law.


In addition to reimbursement for hospital bills and medical treatment, injured Los Angeles workers may receive temporary compensation for their lost wages. Sometimes, getting temporary workers’ compensation can be easier said than done so speaking to a Los Angeles workers’ compensation attorney at the onset of filing a claim should be a top priority for injured workers.


What are temporary workers’ compensation benefits?


Injured Los Angeles workers unable to perform their usual work duties while recovering may be eligible to receive temporary payments should they lose payments due to an overnight hospitalization or being unable to work for three days. Additionally, the injured worker’s employer must refrain from offering an alternative assignment that pays the worker usual wages for the worker to collect temporary disability benefits.


During recovery, injured workers may be entitled to two different types of payments: temporary total disability (TTD) payments or temporary partial disability (TPD) payments. The type of payments workers may receive may depend on the opinion of the treating physician. Having a workers’ compensation attorney from the onset of an injury may be important to advising about the best course of action in these situations.


Should an injured worker be unable to perform any work whatsoever, they may be entitled to TTD payments. If, on the other hand, an injured worker is able to return to work but in a limited capacity, they may be entitled to TPD payments.


How much will I be paid while on temporary disability in California?


Generally, an injured Los Angeles worker may receive up to two-thirds of their pre-tax lost wages while on temporary disability. Injured workers receiving temporary disability payments do not have to pay state or federal taxes, Social Security deductions, or any other contributions.


Certain circumstances such as working a second job or having alternate sources of income by complicate temporary disability payments. Speaking to a qualified Los Angeles workers’ compensation attorney can help injured workers better understand their situations.


How fast will I receive my temporary workers’ compensation payments?


Workplace injury claims covered by workers’ compensation insurance are generally paid to the worker within two weeks after the employer becomes aware of the treating physician’s evaluation of the injury. Payments will be made every two weeks and the first payment should include an explanation of how the payment was calculated.


Workers’ compensation claims administrators must also keep the injured worker informed of any changes to the temporary disability payments or why they may be ending. Furthermore, delays or nonpayment of benefits must be explained in writing.


Los Angeles workers’ compensation attorneys


California workers’ compensation laws are complex and denial of claims is a possibility, even for legitimate claims. Injured Los Angeles workers should strongly consider speaking to a qualified workers’ compensation attorney about their claims. Hiring a Los Angeles workers’ compensation attorney can help give injured individuals the best chance of having their claims taken seriously.

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