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Supplemental Job Displacement Benefits

California workers’ compensation laws try to help injured workers in their time of need by providing benefits for lost income and medical treatment to get employees back to work and providing for their families. Workers with permanent partial disabilities may suffer debilitating injuries leaving them unable to return to their occupations but still able to earn a living. In situations like these, California workers’ injury laws may compensate injured workers for supplemental job displacement benefits. These benefits can help pay for job skill retraining or enhancement.

Supplemental job displacement benefits may be used to pay for tuition, textbooks, tools, and other educational expenses related to job retraining. The vouchers can be used to pay for testing fees, certifications, and license fees as well. Injured workers eligible for the benefits may use the money to hire job placement agencies or recruiters.

Using job displacement benefits, workers can even use part of the money to purchase computer equipment and other miscellaneous expenses. Education vouchers are good for up to $6,000 in services and training materials. To see if you may qualify for some of these expenses, consult a Los Angeles workers’ compensation attorney.

How do I get workers’ compensation job displacement vouchers?

Workers’ compensation claims adjusters must provide vouchers if workers suffer permanent partial disabilities and are not offered regular, modified, or alternative work by the employer. California has policy in place to evaluate the health and earning capacity of workers hurt on the job.

Following a work injury, employees seeking workers’ compensation claims must visit an approved physician for medical evaluation. Using a legally prescribed formula, healthcare providers and insurance adjusters determine if an injury constitutes a partial permanent disability.

Navigating California’s complex workers’ compensation laws can be difficult for injured workers, especially when they should be focused on their health and trying to get back to work for the sake of their families. Retaining a qualified Los Angeles workers’ compensation attorney can help make sense of all the administrative and legal hurdles victims may face.

While workers’ compensation laws are meant to protect workers’ livelihoods, employees do not always get a fair shake. Insurance companies are in the business of making money and often put profits before the wellbeing of the injured worker. Los Angeles workers’ compensation attorneys can help advocate for the rights of the injured worker and try to ensure he or she receives the maximum amount of workers’ compensation benefits, including job displacement benefits in the event of permanent partial disabilities.

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If you have been hurt on the job, do not gamble with your capacity to earn a living. Los Angeles workers compensation attorneys can help you get vouchers for the retraining and education you need to return to work and maintain the income and standard of living you did before your job accident. Do the right thing and speak to a qualified and experienced LA, California workers’ compensation attorney about your work place accident as soon as possible and protect your legal rights.

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