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Gradual Internal Worker’s Comp Injuries: How To Deal With Them

Any type of worker’s compensation can be difficult to fight, but what about gradual internal injuries that have been developing for quite some time?

Gradual internal injuries are not impossible to fight, but they require having an excellent Los Angeles Worker’s Comp lawyer on your side who thoroughly knows the statute of limitations and how to construct your case.

Are you suffering from a workplace internal injury or disease? Here’s your guide for knowing how to file worker’s comp in cases like these.

Types Of Gradual Internal Injuries

Depending on your workplace and the elements you’re around, there can be various causes for your internal injuries.

If you work somewhere that’s involved with a lot of chemicals, you might have developed some diseases, even cancer, from the consistent exposure.

Here are some other types of gradual internal injuries worker’s may experience in a workplace:

  • Hearing loss
  • Carpal tunnel
  • Cancer
  • Diseases
  • On-going back or physical conditions
  • Head injuries
  • Breathing difficulties
  • More

There really are numerous examples of gradual internal injuries a person can experience. If you are unsure if your injuries qualify as a gradual internal workplace injury, consult with a legal representative.

When To Report A Workplace Injury

Typically, an employee will report a workplace injury when they are first sustained, especially physical injury like slip and falls.

But if you’re suffering from a gradual internal injury, you may not be aware anything is even wrong.

With workplace injuries, the deadline to report the injury is more strict than in other cases. Worker’s have a deadline of filing a worker’s comp claim within 30 days of the sustained accident, but if you’re suffering from a gradual internal injury, you will obviously not meet that deadline.

But, do not worry. This is where the help of an attorney comes in. They will advise you on how to go about filing your workplace injury. In most internal injury cases, you can provide substantial evidence that your injury has been sustained from the workplace environment as long as you have medical proof.

Once you get confirmation from your doctor that all signs of your injury stem from your place of work, it is time to step on filing your claim.

Steps To File A Worker’s Comp Claim

Most worker’s comp claims are handled through the HR sector at your place of employment. You will go to your HR representative, discuss filing a worker’s comp claim, and they will go over the procedure and hand you the documents necessary to fill out.

Since you’re suffering from a gradual internal injury, it is highly advisable that you sit down with a lawyer first to discuss your options and already have an attorney on your side to help you fight.

Your place of employment may not be willing to let you file a worker’s comp claim if you are out of the deadline, or so they do not have to handle your case.

If this happens, you have the right to discuss filing a claim against your employer.

Why You Need An Attorney

Gradual injury workers’ comp cases can really benefit from having an attorney. They can review your company’s policies, investigate your claim and medical records, and look for ways to allow you to sue your company.

Filing a lawsuit against your employer can help you receive a settlement to help you pay on your medical bills, ongoing medical treatment, and help right the wrongs you suffered from the lack of safety provided on their end.

Finding a trustworthy attorney is the first step in your claim process. When you start looking for a worker’s comp lawyer, you should thoroughly review the professionals in your area and their level of expertise.

Since you will be going up against a company that has a strong legal counsel on their end, you will need the best of the best to help you fight against them.

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