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When to File a Lawsuit in a Worker’s Comp Case

Injured on the job? You might be wondering what to do next. Sure, your job likely has worker’s comp benefits in place, but what if your claim is denied?

Hiring a Los Angeles workers’ compensation lawyer can help your claim and also help you seek the compensation and medical treatment you deserve. Workplace injuries are no fun, and often, the insurance company working with your place of employment is looking for ways to save money.

Are you wondering if your case could use the help of a lawyer? Here’s how to know when to file a worker’s compensation lawsuit.

Cases That Do Not Require the Help of an Attorney

Sometimes accidents on the job site do not require any legal assistance because the accident is cut and dry. For instance, your accident was work-related, and you are not left needing immense medical help.

The benefits that you can receive with worker’s compensation all depend on the injury you sustain. If your injury is small and does not require you to miss much work, or if you can still go to work while healing from your injury, your doctor visit will likely be covered, but you will not receive any help in lost wages.

If your injuries are not permanent or need long-term medical help, your case will also not require the use of a lawyer. Complex cases, which we will get into in the next section, will benefit from a hired attorney.

When to Hire a Lawyer

There are some worker’s comp cases that are not so quick to be resolved. If you are having trouble receiving help with your claim, you should consider hiring a lawyer.

If your claim is denied because the insurance company found that your injury wasn’t work-related or you missed the deadline to file your claim, hire a lawyer. Disputes with insurance companies require the possession of in-depth evidence and medical examinations. It also requires in-depth legal knowledge, which lawyers possess.

Sometimes in worker’s comp cases, the insurance company will send you to a medical professional that has ties with the insurance company. Because of this, the doctor will likely file a report that degrades your injuries which the insurance company will use as a way not to pay you as much as you deserve, or they will reject your claim entirely.

Not only can insurance companies deny you medical treatment or compensation, but they can also take their sweet time in approving your claim or moving to the next step of getting medical treatment.

If you are still waiting to receive medical help, your lawyer can help speed the process along by applying legal pressure that will make the insurance company approve the treatment.

Other Ways a Lawyer Can Help

Instead of dealing with the stress of your claim on your own, an experienced attorney can help reduce the stress by taking on your case for you. Lawyers become responsible for collecting all of your evidence and presenting it in court if your case makes it that far. If your case makes to a hearing, you will most definitely need the assistance of a lawyer.

Sometimes the information of your preexisting conditions can come up in your case and pose a threat to how much you should receive out of your worker’s compensation claim. The corners your workplace’s insurance company tries to cut, lawyers seek to expand.

If your workplace injury developed over time thanks to certain chemicals you were exposed to, lawyers can take your preexisting medical records and highlight them in correlation to your current worker’s compensation claim.

Some people look at investing in a lawyer as an expense they aren’t willing to take on. We say you can’t afford to not hire a trusted lawyer for your claim.

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Suffering from a workplace injury can put pressure on you and your family. We want to help minimize that pressure in any way we can.

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