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Los Angeles Auto Accident Statistics

Los Angeles County is a beacon of the country. From the pristine scenery, bustling downtown, entertainment, and literally hundreds of things to do, it is no wonder Los Angeles is a hub for visitors and residents alike. Unfortunately, Los Angeles is home to some startling auto accident statistics.


Whether you suffered an auto accident as a resident, visitor, or someone just passing though, you should strongly consider retaining a local Los Angeles auto accident attorney to handle your case. Local Los Angeles attorneys are familiar with the roads, judges, police, and other facets of auto accident cases that can help victims recover the compensation they need.


LA auto and highway numbers


Los Angeles County is over 4,700 square miles and home to over 10 million residents. With so many people concentrated in such a relatively small area, it is no wonder the area sees so much auto traffic and congestion. Important LA County auto and highway statistics include:


  • 7,423,446 total registered motor vehicles
  • 6,197,573 cars,
  • 1,066,409 trucks
  • 159,464 motorcycles
  • 20,771 total miles of roads


With so many residents, highways, and motor vehicles, Los Angeles County appears to be the perfect storm for accidents and fatalities.


Los Angeles automobile fatalities and accidents


In 2010, Los Angeles County ranked second in California in terms of auto accidents resulting in injury or fatality. The following is a list of auto accident data from 2010:


  • 604 motor vehicle accidents
  • 72,010 total accidents involving injury and death
  • 33 percent of fatalities were occupants
  • 32 percent of fatalities were pedestrians
  • 12 percent were motorcyclists
  • 3 percent were bicyclists


Leading factors in Los Angeles auto accidents


While every auto accident is different and may be caused by a multitude of variables, there are some recurring factors cited in crashes. Some notable causes of accidents include:


  • 14,181 speed related accidents
  • 6,760 of auto accidents occurred at night
  • 2,794 accidents were alcohol related


Additional data reveals the highest rates of emergency room visits from auto accidents comes from accidents involving drivers 20 – 24 years old and persons over 65 years old.


Los Angeles pedestrian accidents


The city of Los Angeles is home to some of the highest per-capita instances of pedestrian accidents in the country. In 2012, the per-capita pedestrian fatality rate was 2.57 percent. According to reports, pedestrian accidents in the city of Los Angeles accounted for 41 percent of all auto fatalities compared to 21.4 percent statewide.


Los Angeles auto accident attorneys


If you or a loved one was hurt in a car accident in Los Angeles, you should strongly consider speaking to a qualified Los Angeles auto accident attorney about your case. Attorneys can help victims with filing lawsuits, gathering evidence and reaching settlements with insurance companies. Auto accident victims may be entitled to compensation such as lost wages, property damage, hospital bills, medical expenses, pain and suffering and other damages.

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