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Car Accident Case: 6 Burning Questions to Ask Your Lawyer

Car accidents happen every single day, more specifically, almost every minute. Knowing a lawyer to help with your car accident case is ideal. A recorded 20-50 million pedestrians are injured or disabled from a car accident each year.

If you know someone who’s been involved in a car accident, then you might be familiar with the lengthy process of filing claims and seeking justice for any medical bills or damages you acquired as a result.

Instead of dealing with the headache yourself, it’s important to speak to a trusted car accident attorney about your options. Here are six questions to ask your lawyer about your car accident case.

1. How Many Similar Cases Have You Worked On Before Mine?

Yes, new attorneys might be coming on the scene after graduating law school and passing the bar, but it’s still important to hire an experienced attorney who’s dealt with similar cases before. If you happen to find a new lawyer, perhaps ask if they have a support system in their firm of other lawyers who have a background in handling car accident cases. More importantly, if you’re speaking to an experienced attorney, ask to hear about any winning cases and how many successful outcomes the attorney has had.

2. Who Would Be Responsible For Handling My Case At This Firm?

This could be a factor in the comfort of knowing who will be responsible for the paperwork, case building, and evidence finding of your case. Some attorneys have paralegals or assistants that work with them in drafting legal documents and helping build your case. If you prefer your attorney to be the sole individual, make sure you express that request.

3. How Would You Be Compensated In A Win Or Lose Situation?

Lawyers are a great investment for car accident cases, but there is still a budget to consider when finding the one to work with. There are typically two main ways a lawyer is paid: by the hour or with a contingency fee.

Contingency fees are what you see if you win your case. Some firms advertise they will not be compensated unless your case wins. If this is how your lawyer agrees to be paid, you will pay them somewhere between 33-40% of your settlement.

If your lawyer wants to be paid by the hour, they will keep track of how long they spend working on your case, and you can either pay as you go or upfront at the end of your case. Either way, you and your lawyer choose, it’s important to have a legal document signed by you and your lawyer agreeing to the payment terms.

4. How Long Do You Think My Case Will Take To Reach A Settlement?

There is no set time frame for how long you can expect your car accident case to reach a settlement or end. It all depends on case complexity and how fast things move. However, your attorney can make a guess as to how long you can expect your case to take with all sufficient evidence presented to them.

5. How Much Can I Expect To Win In This Case?

Just like the last question, the final amount you walk away with can vary on several factors. Your attorney can give you an estimated figure, but that’s not to be taken as the exact amount you will receive. There’s a lot to consider in awarding a settlement, such as preexisting conditions prior to the wreck, damages and medical ailments sustained, and more.

6. Does My Case Need Any Specific Evidence Or Witness Statements?

Sometimes you get lucky and have a traffic camera, handful of witnesses, or other pieces of evidence to quickly and easily prove your position in the case. Other times you’re not so lucky.

Depending on the severity of your case, you might require evidence you don’t already have that your attorney can help acquire, like police or medical records. Ask your attorney to see what you need for your case.

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